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[INSTRUCTIONS] with NEW unlocked ECM for L5P AIO Delete KitUpdated 6 months ago



How the L5P tuning process works with a new ECM:

*Start with all emissions installed and functioning without codes or error messages. Be sure the DEF level is not low.  On 17-19 model years you must make sure the soot levels are below 70% before proceeding*

1) We send you all the parts

2) You install the latest VCM Suite BETA software.  Always verify you have the latest BETA version whenever you open the software as it updates regularly. 

3) Connect the MPVi3 to your laptop and open VCM Scanner

4) With the factory ECM still installed, save an info log,

Instructions for creating an info log can be found here

Next, start the ECM swap process (Vehicle > Controls and special functions > System > Replace ECM)

5) Install the new ECM when prompted, before unplugging the ECM, disconnect the battery grounds, and always disconnect them when unplugging the ECM.  Take care while inserting the connectors into the ECM, the pins are delicate, and damaging them will lead to issues.

6) Continue and complete the ECM swap process in VCM Scanner

7) Once the ECM swap process is complete and the NEW UNLOCKED ECM is installed (or your stock ECM is unlocked), you will download the .hpt read file  (VCM Editor > Close File > Read.  Now select "Read Entire" under the ECM section and "Do not read" under the TCM section. (Always read ECM & TCM separately if tuning both)
Then click "Read", after this is complete you will be able to save the file. Name the file "[ORDER #]__[VIN]"

7-A) If you are also replacing the TCM go back to steps 4-7, select "Replace TCM" follow the prompts, and send the TCM read in addition to the other files/info in step 9. If you are not doing a TCM tune continue to step 8.

8) Now with the read file saved, save the info log, instructions for creating an info log can be found here

9) Email [email protected] the info logs (those using a new ECM will have two info logs, those unlocking the factory ECM will have one info log), vehicle VIN, order number, and "read file".  Once we receive all of these, we will get the files over to tuning and have the credits added to your MPVI

10) At this point, you can reinstall the factory ECM to continue to use the vehicle in stock form.  [DO NOT REMOVE EMISSIONS YET]

Once Tuner Depot receives the files and information above, we will get the tune created within 3-5 business days and send it back to you. Do not remove any emissions systems until the delete tune is loaded, if you remove the emissions while the factory tune is loaded you will have emissions-related messages displayed on your dash and will need to reinstall the emissions to remove these messages. We are not responsible for these error messages and cannot offer support for this particular issue. 

Once you have the files, continue with the steps below:

11) Install the new ECM again if you reinstalled the original ECM after completing step 9 above, open VCM Editor, connect the MPVI3 to the laptop (not the truck), and use VCM editor to first resync the MPVI interface (Help > Resync Interface)

12) Make sure a tune file is not loaded by closing the file using the Folder icon on the top left menu bar

13) Open one of the tune files we sent you (crtl+O) [either VATS on or off].  Now connect the MPVI to the OBD port

14) Click Write Vehicle - change the option to "Write entire" instead of "Write calibration" and confirm

15) Turn the ignition off

16) If you have a TCM tune, install it now using the same process, if not start the truck and go through the crank relearn procedure:

16 A)Start the engine and let the engine coolant temperature heat up to above 170°F (This can take quite a while so be patient as not getting to the proper temp will cause this to fail)

16 B) Use VCM Scanner to start the crank relearn.  (Controls and special functions > Crank relearn

16 C) -Gradually rev up the engine until the fuel cutoff (4000-5000 RPM) and release. Let the engine rev down to idle and then turn off the ignition for at least 15 seconds.  Turn the ignition back on and now the crank not learned" error should now be gone. 

17) Now with the engine off & disconnect the battery ground wires then proceed to remove the emissions equipment.  It's very important to remove the ground cables before unplugging the NOX sensors and DEF tank.

18) Install the CAN plugs carefully, having these not seated correctly can cause all sorts of issues so make sure they are fully seated.  These connections require proper resistance so it's required to use dielectric grease in all connections.  Even open connectors should have dielectric grease and be taped up to keep them clean and dry.

19) When finished removing parts, reconnect the battery grounds and start the truck.  If you followed these instructions you should not have any emissions codes or CELs.


*ALWAYS use a battery charger capable of supplying a STEADY 10 AMPs or more

**When opening VCM software, it may open the last file used, always close the file when opening VCM software (top left Folder icon)

***Sometimes the VIN does not register properly, if you are finished tuning and your VIN is not showing up you can use VCM Scanner to change the VIN, USE ALL CAPS. (Vehicle > Controls and special functions > System > Change VIN).  If this still fails go back to VCM Scanner, select "Vehicle" from the top menu bar then "Diagnostics" then "Clear DTCs", and clear them even if there aren't any.

****The current VCM Suite Beta software requires a certain version of .NET, if you get errors when working with the software, check your .NET version or update it from the HP Tuners Downloads section (under the link to the BETA software)

*****Always connect the MPV device to the computer before the truck

Due to our current tuning demand, it will take 1-3 business days from receiving your base files to the time we send you the modified file back.  

Be prepared for this, if you are a shop installing this for a customer we highly recommend you book two appointments, one to perform the ECM swap and retrieve the info log and read the file needed for tuning.  Then another one to load the tune and carry out the rest of the parts installation. 

******If emissions were unplugged before tuning, you will likely get a Service Emissions message on the dash.  If the DEF tank was low when you started, you will likely get Low DEF light on the dash after tuned, to avoid this make sure the DEF tank is at least 1/4 full.   On 17-19 model years make sure the soot levels are below 70%, if soot levels are above 70% you will need to do a force regen before tuning.******

*******Our Tuning price does not cover any revisions needed due to customers sending the wrong files.  The read file and info log are to be taken with the NEW ECM, if you do not follow these instructions and read the factory ECM the tune will only work on that ECM and you will either need to send it in for unlocking or purchase another tune so be sure you follow these instructions exactly, if you've made a mistake reach out to us before sending any files* 


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