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Black Bandit Iron Loader - FAQ

Discover FAQs about the Black Bandit Iron Loader tuner. Get insights on features, installation, compatibility, and troubleshooting. Optimize your vehicle's performance.

Where do I find the installation instructions for my Iron Loader?

Installation instructions for your Iron Loader device are included with your Iron Loader device. These instructions can also be found at the following website link:. > Installation Rules for Iron Loader

Where can I find the User Guide for the Iron Loader?

The Iron Loader Official User Guide can be found here:. > Official User Guide for the Iron Loader

ERROR CODE F002 keeps flashing while trying to tune my truck. How do I fix this?

Error code F002 is caused due to the Iron Loader not having the new tune file on the device while programming. Once you have completed the stock tune file read, please ensure you send your stock file to us so that we can create your new tune!. Once t

How long does it take for me to receive my new tune file?

We aim to send your new tune file to you 1 business day after you submit your stock tune file to us for creation. Please ensure you include the following information with your stock tune file submission to ensure the quickest service available:. Orde

My truck doesn't start after programming with the Iron Loader. What do I do now?

This might be due to programming the PCM without a battery charger on the vehicle. Please ensure that you have a battery charger on the vehicle while programming as a low voltage scenario may cause the PCM to become bricked or fail.

I'm seeing codes for “ACTIVE GRILLE SHUTTER” but my vehicle does not have this feature installed.

Please ensure that the information you are sending with your stock tune file is 100% accurate, as the tunes are based upon the vehicle of which it came from. If any of this information is wrong, your new tune calibration may be inaccurate and can cau

I can't find my PCM "FAMILY" on the Iron Loader's programming list.

If you cannot find your vehicle supported in the Iron Loader you have purchased, or if the Iron Loader does not accept the tune read function on your vehicle, please contact [email protected] to confirm compatibility. All Iron Loaders are progra

Can I restore my vehicle to its original Stock setting with the Iron Loader?

Yes, the Iron Loader contains your stock PCM tune if you require flashing back to stock.

Iron Loader Installation Instructions

Please ensure that you connect the vehicle to a battery tender to maintain battery condition while both READING and WRITING the vehicle. Do not interrupt the reading or writing process by turning the vehicle off or unplugging the programmer. PCM corr