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EZ LynkUpdated 10 months ago

The EZ Lynk AutoAgent is a universal OBD communication device that allows the user to monitor engine parameters, scan and clear DTC codes, read, and program your vehicle.  

The device simply plugs into your vehicle's OBD port and all interaction is done through the smart phone app (iOS8+  & Android 5+). If you purchased one of the support packs along with your AutoAgent you will need to download the app and create an account (this account will be locked to the device so if you're ordering this for a customer, set up the account with their email or have them create the account and send you the email and password). 

You will then need to link the device to your account and link your device to your vehicle.  You will then get access to the tune depository for either 4 weeks with the Limited Support Pack or indefinitely with the Full Support Pack. 


1) Download the smart phone app  [For iOS click here] [For Android click here]

2) Open the app and create an account

3) Turn the key to ON/RUN (after ACC and before START)

4) Plug the AutoAgent into your vehicle's OBD port, you should see a blue and green light illuminated

5) Connect your phone to the AutoAgent using your phone's WiFi.  Scan for WiFi networks and connect to the EZ Lynk_### network.  

6) Open the app.  If you successfully connected to the EZ Lynk WiFi network you should now see vehicle gauges in your app. 

7) Link the AutoAgent with your vehicle.  You need data for this, if you do not have ceullar data, you will need to connect your phone to WiFi and reopen the app.  You should get a notification to auto link your device, if you do not get this message and instead are required to enter a technician email please contact [email protected]

8) Load your tune.  Click The Menu button > Vehicle > ECU Profiles.  You will now see your available tune options, find the tune you want to load and press the download button on the right side, after the download completes the button will change to "Install" click that and then "Proceed"

9) Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the tuning process

*If you do not have cellular data you will need to disconnect from the device to access the tunes, you can select your tune and download it to your device and then reconnect to the EZ Lynk WiFi to install and flash the vehicle. 

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