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How does your pre-order work?Updated a year ago

We offer specific out-of-stock items which available for "Pre-Order". 

When an item is out of stock and Pre-Order is available, you will see a label with "Pre-Order" written in it. We offer pre-orders on items that are out of stock but on order with the manufacturer. These items are available to purchase and will be shipped as soon as they arrive. 

If we have one of our all-in-one kit on pre-order it likely means that one or more of the items in that kit is currently out of stock. When you pre-order the all-in-one kit, we will first ship out the items of that bundle that are in stock and then complete the order once the remaining parts are back in stock.

For example, if you "Pre-Order" an all-in-one kit containing a tuner, delete pipe, and EGR delete kit and the EGR delete kit is out of stock, we will still ship the tuner and delete pipe. As soon as the EGR delete kit is back in stock, we will ship it out to you.

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