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Mini Maxx V2 - DPF / DEF / EGR Delete TunerUpdated 2 months ago

Mini Maxx released the Version 2 tuner during the summer of 2022. 

  • This new tuner does not use the same hardware or software as version 1. 
  • The information given for the V1 does not all apply to the V2. 

The MAJOR difference is the V2 does not ask if the emissions systems are present or removed. This is because the V2 does not have an option for running emissions systems, it is for off-road use only.

There are some known issues that the Mini Maxx team is working on.

Before ordering a Mini Maxx V2 see this link:

Mini MaxxV2 - Known Errors

Full information on this tuner can be found directly on their website here:

> Mini Maxx Website

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