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Should I choose the bench flash or flash tuning option?Updated a year ago

Many consider the bench flash the easiest option. It requires you to remove and install the ECM.  This option involves physical mechanical skills but does not require much technical knowledge.

The flash tuner does not require physical mechanical skills but requires technical computer skills. You will not need to do anything under the hood but will need a laptop, an understanding of software, and extreme care to follow the steps exactly or you could cause serious issues. 

Bench Flash

The bench-flash process will involve you removing the engine computer or ECM/PCM and shipping it to our warehouse. Once we receive it, we will flash it for the modifications and ship it back with express shipping. Once you get the ECM back, you will just need to install it. This entire process can take roughly 4-11 days from you shipping your ECM to receiving it back. (2-5 days for it to arrive to us, 1-3 days for us to tune it, 1-3 days for it to arrive back to you)

Flash Tuner

If you purchase the flash tuner option, we will ship you a flashing unit. You will need to download the software onto a laptop and connect the device between your laptop and the vehicle's OBD port. You will then extract a copy of the factory calibration and email it to us.  We will modify the calibration and email it back to you. You will then need to load the file onto the vehicle.  

We cannot walk you through these steps over the phone, but we do include detailed instructions that can easily be followed by the type of customers that would make these purchases. If you are not fully comfortable doing either of these options, you will need to have a trained technician take care of the work for you. 

*If you feel unsure about your technical abilities, please go with the bench-flash so there isn't any technical input needed.

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