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What do I need to delete my DPF/DEF/EGR?Updated a year ago

Tuner Depot does not condone removing emissions systems on a road-going vehicle. We would like to state that this is illegal in certain countries.

If you are exempt from these laws and want to get rid of these systems that came as stock on the vehicle from the factory, you will need to:

  1. Recalibrate the PCM using a delete-capable tuner. (you must always install an emissions-off tune with all emissions intact and then remove emissions after successfully installing the tune)
  2. Remove the DPF/DEF filters from the exhaust system. 

This recalibration will disable the EGR system. It will also disable the DPF/DEF/EGR error codes that would trigger a check engine light.  

The DPF/DEF system will then need to be physically removed from the vehicle. However, physically removing the EGR system is optional.  

The EGR system uses a heat exchanger to exchange the heat from the hot exhaust gases into the engine's cooling system by running the engine coolant through a radiator-like device. But, instead of regular air passing through it to cool the coolant, it has hot exhaust gases flowing through it to cool them down before they re-enter the combustion chamber.

These systems can wear out, causing them to crack and leak engine coolant into the combustion chamber. This can cause a variety of issues, from poor running conditions to a blown engine. When the EGR system is functioning correctly it causes soot to buildup throughout the entire intake system, (which is a problem on all engines) but with Direct Injection engines such as Duramax, Powerstroke, & Cummins, this soot will build up on the backside of the intake valves which leads to poor sealing, power loss and fuel efficiency loss. 

To summarize, you need:

It would also be wise to add an EGR delete kit

Note: If you have any emissions-related messages being displayed on your dash, these will need to be cleared before tuning.  No tuners will clear this code and once tuned it will be stuck there. BE SURE TO TAKE CARE OF THESE MESSAGES BEFORE TUNING.

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