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What do I need to delete my L5P Duramax?Updated 3 months ago

The 2017+ Duramax L5P Pickup trucks require:

  1. The ECM to be unlocked, you can use the E41 upgrade kit or a new year-specific unlocked ECM to be purchased. We offer both but recommend the unlock tool. 
  2. HP Tuners MPVI3 OBD Device.
  3. 8 Tuning Credits.
  4. A year-specific CAN plug kit.
  5. A DPF-delete pipe, or full delete-exhaust.
  6. The EGR to be unplugged (or removed ideally).
  7. A Tune package.
    *Your ECM must be clear of any emissions-related DTC codes*

We have all of these items bundled HERE

If you purchased a new unlocked ECM click here for the guide

If you purchased the E41 unlock tool to unlock your factory ECM click here for the guide

Once you have the parts you will need to install the LATEST version of VCM Suite BETA so you can send us a read file and info log, these files are needed to create your tune.  You do NOT need the HP Tuners TDN phone app, just the VCM Windows software. 

Once you get your tune file(s) back, you will need to load them before proceeding with any mechanical work. 

This is just a summary, you can find the detailed instructions in our Guides

Our AIO kits include the HP Tuners E41 unlock tool, we recommend unlocking your factory ECM as our customers have run into more issues when replacing the ECM.  Replacing the ECM will require extra steps such as performing the Crank Relearn and having the immobilizer reprogrammed at the dealership.  The E41 unlock tool does not use credits and can be used on multiple E41 ECMs without issue.

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