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What is the process after I order the Bench-Flash option?Updated a year ago

After ordering the Bench Flash, we will reach out and send you a shipping label to ship us your PCM. Once we receive your PCM, it will take 2-5 business days to process the order, flash the PCM, and get a shipping label to get it back to you.

We will use Express shipping, which should get the PCM back to you in 2 business days from the date the carrier picks up the package.

Removing the DPF/DEF/SCR section of the exhaust is mandatory for the delete process.

You can find a Delete-pipe here: 

You may also want to remove the EGR system, you can find a delete kit HERE.

When you purchase this bench flash on our website, we email you an order confirmation. Please include the following in your package to us:

  1. Order number
  2. YEAR of your truck
  3. Tune option you chose
  4. Contact information. 

Until you provide this information, we cannot process your order and this will add a delay to the process. If you have questions about this, please email [email protected] and we can assist you.

Before removing your ECM, note any maintenance or engine lights on the dash. You should have no errors before removing the ECM. If you have a DEF/DPF countdown issues prior to tuning, those should be cleared. Since those are transmitted by the SCR module, it will stay in the cluster and an ECU tune unfortunately rarely clears those codes. 

Be sure your codes are all cleared before you remove the ECM

1- Clear all codes. 

2- Turn the key to the off position. 

3- Remove the negative cable from the battery. 

4- Remove ECM.

You will need to remove remove air intake to access the ECM.

When you receive your ECM back, you will need to unplug this connector in the engine bay:

The SRC module (located under the truck) and all exhaust sensors EXCEPT the Primary O2 and EGT sensors should be disconnected as well.

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