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Why is my transmission shifting rough after tuning?Updated a year ago

Whenever a diesel truck is tuned for increased power, the transmission needs to relearn the new torque values. The transmission will take 2-4 days (depending on how much it's driven) to relearn the new parameters and shift points. 


When re-training the transmission, ALWAYS follow the posted speed limits. 

Do not attempt runs in adverse weather such as snow, ice, rain, wind, or any other conditions that may affect your vehicle's traction or impair your visibility!

68RFE specific:

If your 2010+ RAM is equipped with the 68RFE automatic transmission, you must perform a re-learn procedure each time the ECM is flashed (even if you aren't loading a transmission tuning). To perform the procedure after the ECM is flashed, drive the truck and apply no more than 30% throttle for at least 25-30 miles. It is important that the transmission shifts up and down as much as possible during this period. 

  • The 25-30 miles is to re-establish the CVI values. It is common for these transmissions to take 400-500 miles or more to settle down. 
  • You should avoid sustained highway speeds for the first 25-30 miles. 
  • If you purchased a TCM tune for your 2007.5-2009 68RFE equipped RAM, you must perform the same relearn process upon installation of the TCM

Ford 6R140 Specific:

The Ford 6R140 automatic transmission has what is called "Adaptive Memory". Here,the transmission is constantly learning and adapting to different horsepower levels, temperatures, and driving habits, etc. This Adaptive Memory is automatically reset when the Mini Maxx Tune download completes. We recommend performing a Transmission Relearn procedure after installing the Mini Maxx to help it adapt to the added horsepower. The 6R140 automatic transmission will eventually learn over time on its own. However, the relearn procedure gives a good baseline for the Adaptive Learning, and helps to speed up the learning process.

To perform the relearn procedure, please follow these instructions:

After Mini Maxx tuning is installed, perform each of the following 0-80 MPH runs while on the HOT Power Level:

  • 0-80 MPH @ 25% throttle position, then slow down and come to a complete stop.
  • 0-80 MPH @ 50% throttle position, then slow down and come to a complete stop.
  • 0-80 MPH @ 100% throttle position, then slow down and come to a complete stop.

The Transmission Relearn procedure is complete. 


During this relearn process, you may experience hesitation during shifts, hard shifts, or defuel patterns, all of which are normal.

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