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Where do you ship from? Are there any fees or taxes collected?Updated 5 months ago

Our fulfillment center operates near Vancouver BC, Canada.

Serving as the hub for most orders, except for drop-shipped items from brands like S&B Filters, Mishimoto, and ARP.

We ship to anywhere in North America and, with prior email approval, beyond. 

Tax collection is straightforward for Canadian shipments – we handle that for you. However, for international shipments, Tuner Depot does not collect taxes or duties. The responsibility lies with you to settle any local taxes.

If you're purchasing from outside Canada, be aware of potential extra costs. Customs duties and taxes are government-imposed fees on goods from another country. Shipping companies like UPS or FedEx handle these charges upfront, and you'll cover these costs upon your package's arrival. Note that these fees are separate from your shipping fees, and your package may be held until settled. It's your responsibility to stay informed on these charges, and unfortunately, we can't cover them for you.

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