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If error $053E appears while programming your vehicle, it means the VIN you have submitted with your order does not match the vehicle’s VIN that you are trying to program with your Autocal. Please ensure that the VIN you submit for your order of your Autocal matches the VIN of the vehicle you are trying to program. A new tune (in .bbx file format) will need to be made and submitted to you in order to fix this issue. You will be required to upload the new tune to your Autocal following the instructions below:

Program Quick Setup

The Quick Setup is the quickest and easiest way to program all files required to make AutoCal functional.

The data that is copied into the quick setup file includes:
The device settings.
· The current Options.txt file which contains the controllers and PID selections.
· All required supporting configuration files (*.obj, *.pmm, *.bix and *.dtc).
· Up to 5 *.ctz and/or *.coz tune files.

This method requires your tuner to send you a *.bbx quick setup file via email.

1. Save the *.bbx file your tuner sent to the folder: \Documents\EFILive\V8\BBX
2. Connect AutoCal to your PC and open V8 Scan and Tune software.
3. Navigate in the V8 software to [F5: BBX]-[F6: Quick Setup]
4. Select [Open Quick Setup] and navigate to the directory and select the *.bbx file your tuner sent you.
5. Do not modify any of the settings defined by your tuner unless they request you to.
6. Select [Program Quick Setup] to program device settings, controller configuration and tune files to your AutoCal.

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