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Eco Diesel & Sprinter Bench Flash & Iron Loader

Revolutionize your EcoDiesel and Sprinter's performance with Tuner Depot's Bench Flash & Iron Loader. Experience the difference that expert tuning can make to your ride.


Black Bandit Iron Loader - FAQ

Discover FAQs about the Black Bandit Iron Loader tuner. Get insights on features, installation, compatibility, and troubleshooting. Optimize your vehicle's performance.

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How does the Eco Diesel and Sprinter tuning work?

For these vehicles, you can either purchase a bench flash or a flash tuner.  Both options require a degree of mechanical knowledge, the bench flash requires physical work to remove and replace the ECM, and the flash tuner requires technical knowledge

Should I choose the bench flash or flash tuning option?

Many consider the bench flash the easiest option. It requires you to remove and install the ECM.  This option involves physical mechanical skills but does not require much technical knowledge. The flash tuner does not require physical mechanical skil

What is the process after I order the Bench-Flash option?

After ordering the Bench Flash, we will reach out and send you a shipping label to ship us your PCM. Once we receive your PCM, it will take 2-5 business days to process the order, flash the PCM, and get a shipping label to get it back to you. We will

How do the Jeep Ecodiesel delete pipes connect?

Our supplier has not provided any instructions on installing these pipes, we are working on having some made but for the time being, we have a basic diagram of which pipe goes where. All pipes are oriented with the left side of the picture pointing t